November 17th, 2006


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Current total - 174.5cm
Target height - 165cm

So assuming I can in fact add up properly, I've done it with 6 weeks to spare - Hurrah! In fact, even allowing for my uselessness at Maths, I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have miscalculated by as much as 10cm.

I'm currently reading Wicked, about halfway through. Ok, so maybe I was expecting too much given all the hype and superlatives that have been heaped on the musical, and by extension the book, but I'm really not finding it to be anything special. It's not that it's bad or anything, I'm not struggling to read it and I'll finish it easily enough. It's just, it hasn't grabbed me and pulled me into it so that I'm walking to work trying to navigate around busy operational Police units with my nose in it because I can't bear to put it down even for 30 seconds to be sure I can cross the road safely, or exhausting myself being awake until 3am/being late for work as I didn't leave on time because I was reading because I just must finish this chapter... and just the next one... 5 more minutes...

Ok, own height too easy. Even with the restriction of must be previously unread books, there's a whole extra load of height this year that doesn't count because I read it before. Anyone any suggestions for next year's challenge?
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