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After last nights question posing, I suppose I should put my money where my mouth is:

With the independant bookshop being a thing rapidly becoming extinct to the sleeker corporate bookshops, and the rude man in Till's putting me off shopping there again, most of my literature comes from the charity bookshops around my home.

Oxfam is of course my bone of contention here. I have often found of late that their prices are that 50p to £1 beyond impulse purchasing will allow me to spend. When I compare my recent purchaces I find I've come out of Banardo's, Shelter or the PDSA with large piles of reasonably priced books. Oxfam on the other hand I go into thinking of two or three books I may buy if they have them and if they're not too expensive.

They kind of take the fun out of the charity bookshop, by being too commercial. They're not Waterstones, and I don't really want to see BOGOF's and Three for Two's. I'd rather buy more books because I like the look of them and know they're not going to break my sadly limited bank.

This is not to say I don't feel bad about mouthing off about this. They are after all a charity and doing good works. But I'd rather see a non-commercial approach to selling books rather than another corporate clone in disguise. Surely selling more books because they're slightly cheaper is better than selling a few expensive ones? Surely its better to have your stock turning over quickly so theres always something new to see?

Most of all isn't it better to have people saying what a good bookshop you are rather than muttering about pennies on their blogs?
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