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Robin Hobbs:
Ship of Destiny (The Liveship Traders 3) 5.5cm
Fool's Errand } 4.5cm
The Golden Fool } (The Tawny Man Series) 4.0cm
Fool's Fate } 4.0cm

Trudi Canavan:
The Magician's Guild} 3.0cm
The Novice} (The Black Magician Series) 4.0cm
The High Lord} 4.0cm

Robert Goddard: Sight Unseen 3.0cm

Robert Ludlum: The Bourne Ultimatum 4.5cm

Bill Napier: Shattered Icon 2.5cm

Michael Marshall: Blood of Angels 3.5cm

John Grisham: The Broker 3.0cm

Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange 1.0cm

Tad William: The War of the Flowers 5.0cm

Honeymoon: James Patterson and Howard Roughen 2.5cm

The Virgin Suicides: Jeffrey Eugenides 1.5cm

Enduring Love: Ian McEwan 2.0cm

Hunting Unicorns: Bella Pollen 2.5cm

The World According to Clarkson: Jeremy Clarkson 2.5xm

Megan Lindholm (also writes as Robin Hobbs):
The Reindeer People 2.5cm
Wolf's Brother 2cm

Cross Bones: Kathy Reichs 3.5cm

The Last Nazi: Stan Pottinger 3cm

The Historian: Elizabeth Kostova 3.5cm

The Dante Club: Matthew Pearl 3cm

Long Way Round: Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman 3cm

Seabiscuit - 3 Men and a Racehorse: Laura Hillenbrand 2.5cm

Neverwhere: Neil Gaiman 2.5cm

The Redemption of Althalus: David and Leigh Eddings 5cm

The Last Secret of the Temple: Paul Sussman 4.5cm

The White Hart} 1.5cm
The Silver Sun} (The Book of Isle Trilogy): Nancy Springer 2cm
The Sable Sun) 2cm

Rage: Jonathan Kellerman 3cm

The 12th Card: Jeffery Deaver 3.5cm

Body Double: Tess Gerritsen 3.5cm
Life Support: Tess Gerritsen 3cm

Ring: Koji Suzuki 2.5cm

Duncton Tales} 4cm
Duncton Rising} (The Book of Silence Trilogy): William Horwood 4.5cm
Duncton Stone} 5cm

Rook/Tooth and Claw: Graham Masterton 3cm

I Know You Got Soul: Jeremy Clarkson 2cm

Harvest: Tess Gerritsen 3cm

Very good, very well written from the "Girl, Interrupted" school, though this isn't autobiographical. The author has suffered with bipolar depression her whole life though so she knows what she's talking about,
and this is very good in spite of, or perhaps because of the rather 2D charaters and limited plot development</i>

The Abortionist's Daughter: Elisabeth Hyde 1.5cm
Again, rather 2D characters, but very well written and good reading

Eragon 3.5cm}
Eldest 4cm} {The Inheritance Trilogy}: Christopher Paolini
Superb, I'm only really annoyed that I didn't realise it was going to be a trilogy until after I'd started Eragon - I've nearly finished Eldest and I want the 3rd one now!!

Current total - 153.5cm

Not sure what I'll start on next, probably either Wicked or Labyrinth, though I really should read some more of Bill Hicks. I gave up temporarily as it's a collection of his stand up shows, which means it's mostly the same material repeated over and over in a slightly different order, which does get tedious after a while, funny though he was. And I'm still only partway through Bitch, as it's proving rather dryer and harder going than I was expecting from Elizabeth Wurtzel. It is great, and very interesting but as it's more an 'essay' style piece it's lacking the dry self-deprecating humour and sassiness that makes her other work so fantastic. I'll get there eventually with both I'm sure. In the meantime, final round of MotoGP at Valencia to watch... Laters all
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