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New Challenge? Group Challenge?

Any Idea?

I reckon there may be up to ten of us active - each reading between 1-3m of books...

So potentially 10-30m of books; any idea of a group challenge?

Not sure what to aim for myself - read twice my height and then some last year.
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I stopped measuring when I got to waist height the second time around, but that was sometime back in September so I probably did hit 12' or more. (I can't think in metres, but that's somewhere around 4m?)

A group challenge would be fun. 25m was a silver swimming certificate IIRC (10m bronze, 50m gold) - perhaps we could go for something in that range?
That would be fun, we could have some amusing graphics :)
You'd need a new set of rules... I'm not sure two or more of us reading the same book would or even should count towards a group challenge. Besides we've made the individual challenges quite easily for the most part, so mebee we should up the stakes.
Hmmm alternatively because it is two peoples individual effort - rather than the book read maybe it should?

Any ideas to up the stakes?
My personal challenge for next year is to read more new (to me) authors. I haven't set a mark yet as I haven't counted up how many I read this year.
Variety is the spice of life!
I have a vague notion about reading 29 (as it's how old I'll be this year) books published in 1978 (the year I was born). Though I'm not sure if there's a straight-forward way of checking year published that's less time consuming than scanning frontpages...?
Of course. Thank you!