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I'm thinking maybe my challenge this year should be To Get Round To Reading All The Stuff I've Been "Going To Read When I Get Round To It"...
Which will if nothing else allow for a fairly diverse selection. I may also look into the Read 29 Books First Published In 1978 (year of birth and hence 29 is how old I'll be this year), or I might save that one for next year and do 30. (Now that torsparkles has pointed out to me that Wikipedia have a list of stuff published in '78 which will remove all the tedious time-consuming headache of finding stuff. Thanks for that, I've no idea what my excuse is for being too useless to have worked out to Wikipedia for myself!)

Off to a decent start on the 'Stuff I've Been Meaning To Get Round To For Ages' at least. Having finished the Farseer/Liveship/Farseer trilogies for the second time in 12 months after completing the Height challenge I've finally started on Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I admit to having been holding off this one partly from not getting round to it and partly as I hate starting a series I don't have the end of and I've only just got hold of the last book. Ok, there's 6 other books I could've started on, but at the rate I'm going through them (onto The Waste Lands (DT3) already, and I only started The Gunslinger (DT1) a few days before the end of Dec and went back to work Jan 2) I'd've risked finishing 6 before I got 7.

So, with the DT books, I know there's a lot of you have read them... Anyone else get a huge feeling of deja vu kicking in from about the start of The Waste Lands? I know I've never read these before, what's it coming from? Is it just that I've read so much King before, and particularly the 'epics' The Stand and The Talisman I've read and re-read to tatters, that I'm just really used to his writing style? I was waiting from the start of The Gunslinger for a character named Flagg to be mentioned, so am I just seeing the paralells between this and some of his other work? Just intrigued if anyone else has found this too.

I'm nearly finished 3 and likely to be well into 4 by the end of the weekend. Halfway through 4 was where Dave stalled but I'm fairly sure I can out-last him...
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