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Getting on well with Dark Tower, onto book 5... I knew there were parallels to The Stand and The Talisman and SK's other earlier works, for once it wasn't me being mad and imagining things! Not sure where I'll go after this, I've got Elizabeth Wurtzel's 'Bitch' and 'More, Now, Again' that I've had for ages, I've started Bitch, but keep stalling with it as it gets a bit heavy. I've also been trying to read and keep stalling with Bill Hicks 'Love All The People', mainly because funny as he is when you read the same stand up material over and over it does get a tad wearing eventually. Plus I really should finish Scar Tissue, Anthony Kiedis' autobiography, Bodies Under Seige and I've got A Bright Red Scream and Pippa Funnell's autobiography to read.
Looks like I've got a good start at least...

I'm planning to bring The Boy Dave to Edinburgh for a long birthday weekend at the end of April for playings with Alien Rock climbing centre and investigatings of Edinburgh's historic and general interesting places. Don't mind paying a bit as we'll have serious £'s worth of climbing gear with us so want to be confident it's secure when we haven't got it with us, max can go to is probably couple hundred for 3 nights. I know locals usually not the best people to ask, you live somewhere you're not likely to be staying in hotels/B&B's etc there, but though you might be a good place to start... Any suggestions?
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I've never done hotel's in Edinburgh, so can't really recommend one, but if you need a place to dump stuff where it wont be looked at by cleaners, then you could use my flat. (I should be in by then at least...). Only hitch is its at the other end of town from either AR...
Ooh, thankee much, very kind! I'll bear that in mind :)
I have a list of b&bs and hotels from wedding planning. I'll try to look it out for you. What's your email addresS?
Thankee much! Email's on my profile page, I've added your to Friends so you should be able to see it... (I kid myself this is more secure than just typing my email address is... in an open LJ!)
I can't see you email address. :) Is it easier to give you mine here so you can just email it to me? Or, in fact, I have a paid account so I can be reached via LJ email address - batswing at livejournal dot com.